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Top Women Attorneys: Sandi Gregory and Heather Fann

Be On Your Kid’s Side

Anyone who experienced divorce as a child can tell you why it’s important to make very intentional decisions about how you handle one as an adult with some control over the situation. Because children aren’t children forever: They’ll be adults even longer, and someday, they will see all they experienced as their family situation changed from an adult perspective. Sometimes children are used as pawns in a divorce, but they also often find themselves having to grow up too fast to manage the adult issues their parents intentionally or unintentionally involve them in during their formative years. It’s unfortunate, and the negative effects can reach well into their adult lives and relationships. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Top Women Attorneys Sandi Gregory and Heather Fann know well the depth of love of a parent for a child, and are committed to helping you keep focused on not only the childhoods and more immediate needs of those who are depending on you, but also planning for their adult lives—from healthy and thoughtful decision-making about their home, academic, and social lives to financial planning to ensure they have as many options as possible as they begin making their own choices. Gregory and Fann know that the peace of mind and more secure future you acquire in a maturely handled family law matter—and the expense, delay, and distress you avoid—is the same peace and security you want for your children as they grow into adults.  Gregory Fann’s lawyers are experienced, capable litigators who also stave off and minimize litigation and court intervention where it isn’t necessary—employing modern solutions such as utilization of mental health professionals, carefully timed and strategic negotiation including mediation, and the team approach of collaborative law wherever possible to ease the transition to your next stage. And navigating those possibilities carefully can make all the difference for your own future and the futures you dream of for your most beloved.

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