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TrailblazHers: Nadia Gramby

Nadia Gramby, CEO and Owner of Crown of Glory Birth Services

Nadia Gramby is the CEO and Owner of Crown of Glory Birth Services. She is currently preparing to take the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) exam in May to become a licensed Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) in June of 2023. She will be the first Black CPM in Alabama since the 1980s. Nadia has had the privilege of attending  hundreds of births while training to become a home birth midwife. 

Nadia answered the call to birth work as a doula, childbirth educator, placenta encapsulation specialist, and doula business strategist in 2018. She believes that midwifery care is a crucial step in empowering parents to raise empowered children who will change the course of the history of Black Communities. She’s dedicated her life’s work to the care, protection, and preservation of families, particularly Black Families. She’s been energized by the need to combat the maternal health crisis disproportionately affecting Black women and infants. 

As a midwife, Nadia will provide prenatal care, women’s health services, home births, postpartum care, childbirth education, and doula mentorship. She will provide individualized, compassionate, personal, and culturally competent maternity care. 

Nadia believes in the importance of leading with the Spirit, knowledge, and healing of God in maternal care. She strives to eradicate inequities within healthcare nationwide and particularly here in Alabama by preserving the legacy of Black birth workers and addressing the crisis that Black birthing people face in the U.S.

Nadia has a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management from Faulkner University and studied Psychology at Alabama A & M University. She honors and cherishes the beautiful calling as a wife, mother, and friend.

Best Advice: Be careful to share your energy with people that are skilled enough to receive it. 

Greatest Influence: There are so many people that have had a major influence on my life. I’ve had the blessing of being loved and impacted by many. The two people that have made the most impact on my life are my husband Shamar and 15-year-old son Khalil. My husband and I have been partners in life for 20 years and he’s seen all of my trials and triumphs. He’s always supported and helped me to achieve success in my personal, spiritual, and professional life. Becoming a mother to our son was the most transformative experience of my life. The way that they both have shown me genuine unconditional love, support, and accountability has helped me to  simply be me. Having a safe space at home with them (and goldendoodle Kayenne) is the biggest blessing to come back to, after creating safe spaces for many families throughout Birmingham  and surrounding areas as they prepare for the birth of their babies. 

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