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Top 50 Over 50: Dr. Barry Booth,DMD

Dr. Barry Booth, a recently retired dentist from South Alabama, is known to his community as a humble hero who has touched the lives of many people, especially veterans and their families. The former Navy veteran and patron of the arts has designed and commissioned several sculptures honoring veterans from around the world. As an advocate, Dr. Booth was a driving force behind the Alabama State Veterans Memorial Cemetery near Spanish Fort, Ala. After obtaining a $7 million grant in 2006, he was able to push his local county commission to purchase a tract of land for the cemetery, personally donating three additional acres to the 100-acre cemetery.


Top 50 Over 50 is a program of Positive Maturity celebrates members of our community who know how to dream, laugh, contribute and achieve on many levels… all the key elements of staying young while growing up.

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