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Changing Courses

The journey of local PGA Tour golfer Mac McLendon is chronicled in a new book by Nikki Sepsas. Here’s an excerpt. A personal telephone call from legendary football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant was, to an aspiring athlete, almost like hearing the voice of the Almighty. During his 25-year tenure as the head football coach at… Read More

The Last Supper

After 24 years Hot and Hot Fish Club has a new home at Pepper Place. We were there though at the old place on New Year’s Eve…for the last supper.

Places in the Heart: Ted’s

With its friendly vibe and classic food, Ted’s is a place you can call home. Beyond the lunchtime crowds and the classic meat and three options on the steam table, there is something deeper going on. Ted’s has been one of the favorite spots in the heart of the city for decades now. More than… Read More

Seven Continents, Seven Marathons

  By Joey Kennedy Michael Sloane and I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I call it the fat guy diabetes. But we each had different reactions to our diagnosis. I got depressed, then stopped drinking Cokes, switched to water, started walking more, and over several years lost about 100 pounds. Sloane, the director… Read More

50 Moments That Made UAB

Sept. 14, 1936: The University of Alabama opened its Birmingham Extension Center in an old wood-frame two-story house at 2131 6th Avenue North. For the first term, 116 students enrolled. One full-time instructor and seven-part time instructors taught 19 different courses. Jan. 1, 1945: Jefferson and Hillman Hospitals were merged to form the University of… Read More

Holiday Glamour

The glam look of holiday fashion from Gus Mayer.

All’s Fair

At Sojourns experience the artisanal world of fair trade. Sojourns in downtown Birmingham is a fair trade import business working with artisans in a variety of countries to provide opportunity  for them and a unique selection of items for city consumers. The shop is committed to fair trade principles and works with fair trade certified… Read More

Leadership for a New Century

Rachel Harvey is the first woman to serve as board chair of Alabama AGC.

The Lumbar Cure

With a new menu and a unique style,  The Lumbar in Pepper Place is a perfect spot to relax your weary bones.

Personal Space: Christopher Nanni

A one-on-one conversation with Christopher Nanni, President and CEO, Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham.

Hear Me Out: Mark Harrelson

By Lee Shook He may not be a household name, and you may not have ever seen his face or heard his voice, but if you’ve lived in Birmingham long enough you’ve definitely heard Mark Harrelson before. And whether it was through a radio jingle, the morning news, a television ad, or any number of… Read More