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Talking with Chelsey Whild

The Universal Language

That quality of music—we have all bobbed our heads and a fair amount of us have jabbed our fingers around because we’re feeling it—is what Brian Rosenworcel of Guster says has kept the band alive for 27 years.

A Change is Gonna Come

Talking with The Districts.

We’re All In It Together

Talking with Amanda Shires.

Honkytonk and Rock-and-Roll

Talking with Margo Price.

Wildest Dreams

Talking with Vance Joy By Lindsey Lowe Osborne You’re not going to believe this. Vance Joy and I are basically (as they say) the same person. OK, maybe not exactly, but we do both share a soft spot for the English singer/songwriter Johnny Flynn. The difference, I guess, is that Joy’s channeled his affection for… Read More

Color: Jukebox the Ghost

Talking with Jukebox the Ghost. By Lindsey Lowe Osborne If there’s a word to sum up the band I chatted with this month, it’s this one: colorful. From their music to their art to their personalities, nothing about Jukebox the Ghost is bland. The band, a trio that just released their fifth album, Off to the… Read More

The Art of Making It

Talking with The Pollies.
By Lindsey Lowe Osborne

String Master

Talking with Béla Fleck.
By Lindsey Lowe Osborne
It was the banjo of a Mr. Earl Scruggs—a banjoist who popularized the “Scruggs style” three-finger pick—that changed everything.

Music: Serendipity

Talking with Jake Bugg. By Lindsey Lowe Osborne For me, it happened when I was in the ninth grade. I decided to join the yearbook staff on pure whim—I liked to write, and I was good at it, and my best friend was joining the yearbook staff, so—on a whim—I did, too. I like to… Read More

Worlds Not Yet Imagined

Talking with Cults. By Lindsey Lowe Osborne I hate to be cheesy (okay, I don’t), but the band Cults has earned a sort of…cult following. (Had to do it!) And for good reason: Their synth-pop-rock sound is worth listening to. Edgy and bright, easy and complex—all at the same time—it’s the kind of music that… Read More