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Liberty Park Living: The Halpern and Sumner Families

For the Halpern and Sumner families, Liberty Park is more than a community; it’s a place where their life-long friendship continues to blossom.

The Swann Family Finds a Home

Ryan and Rebecca Swann were looking for the perfect place for their young family to grow. High school sweethearts, they have been married for four years and have two children, Skylar, 2, and Harper, just 8 weeks old. Once they saw the lifestyle at Liberty Park, they were confident they were on the right path…. Read More


The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center teaches the history of the Holocaust so that new generations can learn the lessons of the past to build a more just, humane and tolerant future. A special fundraiser, L’Chaim 2017 honoring Cathy O. Friedman, will be held on August 20 to support that mission.

Women and the Law

Our annual listing of the top women attorneys in the metro.

The Grand Plan

Homeowner Chad Hagwood was ready to take his Greystone Crest home to the next level. And so he did.
Written by Rosalind Fournier Photography by Brendon Pinola

One on One

Mary Boehm and Krista Conlin

Sidewalk Film Festival

A Life in Waves Director Brett Whitcomb and writer/editor Bradford Thomason—filmmakers born and raised in Houston who now call Birmingham home—have tackled some beautifully quirky subject matter in previous documentaries that have drawn attention and audiences on the film-festival circuit. The Rock-afire Explosion is warmly described by a reviewer on Amazon, where it’s now available on video, as… Read More

You Do Mess With The Hummus

Produced by Brett Levine ♠ Food Styling by Lily Plauche ♠ Photography by Alison Miksch

Magic City Mix 2017

This year’s Magic City Mix features artists who are paving their own way and making a mark on our local music scene. We have photographed, interviewed, and listened to their music and feel confident that you will see what we see in these artists: pure talent and a passion about representing the sound of this community, each in their own unique style.

These musicians have something to say and their music will give you something to talk about. This issue aims to recognize the multi-faceted process that goes into creating each body of music, regardless of the genre, and shine a light on some of the artists that make the magic happen.
Here’s your backstage pass to music in the Magic City.

Magic City Mix Sounds

The Magic City Mix 2017 Playlist. Eleven songs you’ll love.


An infamous character in Alabama’s history becomes a reflection of today’s politics.
By Tom Gordon; Photography by Beau Gustafson