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The Anniversary Game

A drive down memory lane.

By Lee Ann “Sunny” Brown

It’s time for another round of The Anniversary Game!

In honor of October being our anniversary month it’s time for our annual check in with Billy Brown. This is where I interview him and ask him a few questions, just to see how much he is still listening to me, how much he still knows me, and to see if I can find out the answers to the questions I pretend to know about us! (But, that’s my secret strategy, so don’t tell him!)

Occasionally, on some weekends, we like to take an afternoon drive outside of town, sometimes to go somewhere we’ve never been before, like to see some covered bridge, and sometimes just to drive and enjoy talking. It’s on these drives, when he is held captive in the car, that I get the most in-depth information. Here are some highlights from our most recent afternoon drive.

Me: It’s a beautiful day for a drive. October is a beautiful month. Do you remember what is special about this month?

B.B.: It’s our anniversary.

Me: That’s right! Do you remember what number anniversary it is? (I am listening very hard to his answer because I want to know myself! He knows this, too, but I always deny it.)

B.B.: I do. Do you?

Me: Haha. I am the one asking the questions. It’s my column. Stop stalling, just answer please.

B.B. It’s our 32nd anniversary.

Me: It is?! I mean, it is! You’re right. Wow! Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

B.B.: When you’re having fun.

Me: (Smiling) Soooo, what would you consider to be our most fun thing we do together?

B.B.: Is that a trick question?

Me: You know what I mean!

B.B.: When I take your picture?

Me.: Yes! It’s fun to have a creative partnership in a marriage, too, isn’t it? It gives it another dynamic side to the relationship. Don’t you think so, too?

B.B.: I do.

Me: Then why did you get me the new bigger phone? You said it was so I could take my own photos. You’re not getting tired of taking my picture, are you?

B.B.: What, after 34 years?

Me: Never mind. Anyway, you know I don’t like taking selfies. I mean, why be married to a photographer if I have to take my own photos? You know what I mean?

B.B. (There is a slight pause)

Me: Well, never mind, you don’t have to answer that—let’s change the subject.

B.B.: Okay.

Me.: What do you want to talk about?

B.B.: It’s getting late, where would you like to go for dinner?

Me: Well, do you know what is my favorite type of restaurant?

B.B.: You like either the high end, or the low end.

Me: Could you be more specific, please?

B.B.: You like Highlands and Chez FonFon, or you like a diner like Waffle House. Or Sonic. 1 and 10.

Me: What does that mean “1 and 10”? Why do you always say that?

B.B.: It means you are extreme. You don’t like the middle range.

Me: Mmmmmm……. Is that good or bad?

B.B. It all depends.

Me: Well, anyway, where are we?

B.B. We are in Pell City. I know you like the Pell City Steak House, you want to go there?

Me: Yes! It’s soooo retro! It feels just like you stepped into 1964.

B.B.: A good year.

Me: (Smiling at him.) So, when you think back on this past year of marriage what is the one little area that has been a source of, shall we say, competition between us?

B.B.: (He shakes his head with his long locks—annoyingly so.)

Me: I have long hair, too, you know. Just because I have to curl mine doesn’t make it any less curly, except when it’s humid. And, just because yours is a “naturally beautiful silver color” that everybody raves about doesn’t make my blonde hair any less natural. Even if it’s not.

B.B.: (Silence)

Me: And, don’t forget that I am the one who suggested that you grow out your hair.

B.B. (Shaking his hair, trying to intimidate me)

Me.: Your hair is stealing all of my glory. That’s all anyone wants to talk about. I’ve decided that the longer your hair gets, the lower my blouse goes.

B.B.: (He pulls out his phone.)

Me: What are you doing?

B.B.: Canceling my haircut appointment.

Me: Haha. Let’s watch a movie when we get home.

B.B.: (Looks at me) Which one?

Me: What? (Laughing)

B.B.: Please don’t make us watch It’s Complicated again.

Me.: What do you have against Nancy Meyers? She’s brilliant.

B.B.: I don’t have anything against Nancy Meyers. I have something against watching the same movie for the 127th time. I can recite the words. Everyone’s.

Me: But, they’re smart, clever, funny words. And besides, you usually read while it’s on. Okay. Tonight it’s your choice.

B.B. Since it is our anniversary month…we have some home movies we could watch…

Me: Aaaaaand that’s the end of this interview folks!! 

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