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Jewelry Journey


Danielle Poe has been on a jewelry journey now for three years. “I developed JAG/ged Edge Jewelry in 2017. Prior to all of this I had many years in retail learning anything and everything about visual merchandising, fashion, cosmetics, and design. I have always loved fashion and design and have the magazines to prove it.”

Poe handles everything literally from the design, making the products, answering texts and emails, shipping items and the marketing and advertising. I work hard. God guides my every step and decision to be able to do it all. My business is not like every jewelry brand or line. I get told that often and the line I create does offer something for everyone, be it the minimalist to the woman who loves to make a statement. Personally, I love the more bold the color and bigger the statement!! However, I have days I just want simple and minimal too!

“I began on this jewelry design path by the grace of God. I had been through a rough season in my life and I was home alone truthfully asking God to guide me and what is something I could do to fill my time and days. I would he answered as I lay my hands down on our kitchen island made of beautiful marble- I touched it and I knew- I always have loved designing a kitchen in our homes and just love the clean lines of marble, yet so messy at the same time!! Every piece is so unique and different. It’s almost like each of us also. None the same and it was that moment that JAG/ged Edge became born! I thought of the name rather simply- our son is JAG! And marble has very Jagged edges so bingo- JAG/ged Edge Jewelry with the three first letters capitalized as this line is In honor of our son!”


Photography by Emily Wittig of Holy Emoly Photography

Stylist by Emma Freeze of The Chic Next Door

Models: Molly King, Keeley Tayloe, and Harleigh Lantrip

Location Venue and Jewelry Design by Danielle Poe of JAG/ged Edge Jewelry


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