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Ageless: Kevin-Frankie Roberts  Irwin


Let’s challenge the concept that beauty and self expression are reserved for the young. Let’s tell the story of brave, bright colors and over the top elegance. Silver hair, well-earned wrinkles and fabulous fashion. Women who embody that particular brand of gorgeous that only comes with the years passing.

Photos by Graham Yelton

Kevin-Frankie Roberts  Irwin

“I am an artist working in many mediums. Clay, glass, metals, drawing, watercolors, oil paints, etc. I mix these mediums such as painting with glaze on ceramics,  metal, glass, and clay on a piece of jewelry. I love to experiment and have an ongoing curiosity and desire to push each piece to a more exciting visual delight. I am open ended without  many rules as long as the piece works. I am obsessed with color  and texture. I do both functional, personal narrative, figurative, and abstract work.   Humor, joy and my love of nature and animals (which I like to personify) seem to be the central themes. It’s what keeps me delighted and what I want to share with others.

“I am from California but have lived in Birmingham since I was 17 and I am 70 now.  I have a brother in California and a sister in Philadelphia. They mean everything to me and we get together as much as possible. Both are creative and amazing. 

“My grandmother, Kitty Mager, was head of women’s wardrobe at MGM studio and my mother, Rikki Roberts, was a costumer for films made there as well.  I do believe this is where my love of style began.

“I put on an art show once a year in my studio called “Flameworks” and invite as many local artists  to show their work that will fit in it. It is a fabulous, fun week-end for the public.  I give tours to students, art teachers and the general public. I’ve found people are interested in how it all comes together (although not since Covid). I am very proud to have paintings in Children’s Hospital and a piece in the Wiregrass Museum of Art.

“I have always loved everything that goes into style from an artists perspective.  Each new day is a creative opportunity to put together colors, shapes, textures, imagery based on how I am feeling, to express myself and share the joy I feel. We are all so individual. Who wants to be a grain of sand.”

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