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Ageless: Stephanie Carter

Let’s challenge the concept that beauty and self expression are reserved for the young. Let’s tell the story of brave, bright colors and over the top elegance. Silver hair, well-earned wrinkles and fabulous fashion. Women who embody that particular brand of gorgeous that only comes with the years passing.

Photos by Graham Yelton

Stephanie Carter

“I am fortunate enough to be retired. I hold a master’s degree in microbiology from Auburn University and spent the majority of my career at UAB doing gene therapy research and clinical trials management. I finished my career at the Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine in the Endocrine Diagnostic Lab. My husband Andy, a physician with EAMC Lanier in Valley, AL, and I currently live in Opelika. I have one daughter, Emma McLean, who is about to begin a master’s degree in museum studies in Leicester, England.

I currently volunteer as an assistant Girl Scout troop leader in Auburn. About 5 years ago when I was 50 years old, I started taking belly dance lessons. I love the freedom of expression and body positive environment of my classes. I thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot and the idea of celebrating women of all ages and sizes. As I have aged I have learned to be kinder to myself and hope that I have been a positive role model to my daughter and her friends by participating in this photo shoot! Women should feel confident enough at any age to be themselves and embrace their personal style whatever it may be. I personally prefer comfortable and functional clothing but I also have a “diva” side and love fancy clothes and lots of bling! Life is short and nothing is guaranteed. Be kind, be gracious and true to yourself and enjoy life as best you can!

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