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Give Birmingham: Alabama Family Trust

Alabama Family Trust is dedicated to serving disabled Alabamians by administering supplemental or special needs trusts.  This non-profit pooled trust company has been serving disabled individuals of all ages for 25 +years since being established by the Alabama Legislature.

Alabama Family Trust shelters assets belonging to disabled individuals such as financial gifts and inheritances, legal settlements, child support, alimony, and other sources of assets. 

A supplemental needs trust provides a way to improve the quality of life for a disabled beneficiary without jeopardizing their current or future eligibility for means-tested government benefits such as SSI and Medicaid.



Administers supplemental or special needs trusts which offer these benefits:

      Assurance that beneficiaries’ use of supplemental needs trust funds stay compliant with all  Social Security Administration and Medicaid regulations

      Protection from abuse, exploitation, and mismanagement of assets by “friends” or “family”

      Quality trust fund management for small ($1,500) to large (millions) supplemental needs  trusts

      Low administrative fees (1.5% on the interest earned, not the principal) so funds last longer for the beneficiaries

      Long-term management and investment of trust assets by Warren Averett

      Charitable fund options when  individual trust assets are depleted


Mission Statement

Helping elderly and disabled individuals protect their government benefits while improving their quality of life with other assets.


Alabama Family Trust

2820 Columbiana Road Suite 103 Birmingham, AL 35216

205- 313-3915

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