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Give Birmingham: The Dance Foundation

Dance is a joyful, transforming experience for students of all ages, abilities, and circumstances. The Dance Foundation embodies this belief with programs in our Downtown Homewood facility and beyond. Your support helps provide dance classes to children in social service agencies and schools throughout Birmingham, tuition-assistance to students in our Studio Program who are in need, and affordable studio and performance space for artists and organizations who need a place to call home. The Dance Foundation, a nonprofit organization, has been a gathering place for learning with and through dance for more than 40 years.


• We employ almost 30 dancers and musicians who make the magic happen each day, year-round.

• Nearly 1,000 children dance with us each week through the school year

• Students in preschool, students who have disabilities, and students who are building language arts skills are all learning to dance and learning through dance with us.

• Dozens of community artists call our studios ‘home’ and teach a variety of dance genres, engaging hundreds of students each week.

• Our Tiny Dances  production last June featuring area adult choreographers was a success, and supported many adult dance artists in our community who were navigating the pandemic and its impact on making art.


The Dance Foundation’s mission is to teach the art of dance to all, inspiring creativity, curiosity and confidence.

1715 27th Court South, Homewood, AL 35209 • (205) 870-0073 •

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