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Top Family Lawyers: Bruce L. Gordon

Gordon, Dana & Gilmore, LLC

The Firm offers prompt and responsive individual attention with a commitment to returning messages that reflects the Firm’s dedication to helping clients–if a client calls and leaves a message, that message is quickly returned–usually that same day or within 24 hours. Headed by Bruce L. Gordon, who has over fifty-seven (57) years of legal experience in business litigation, domestic relations, corporate, tax and real estate matters, the Firm provides sophisticated expertise using a pragmatic approach. Whether the client needs to protect what they have or get to the bottom of what their spouse has, Mr. Gordon  (who  has an LLM in Taxation) provides his clients with a sense of security that they have the right attorney on their side.


High-asset and high-profile divorces, particularly those that involve complex business valuations, dividing the family business, a large pool of marital assets, and even private matters that require sensitivity, are difficult to navigate and can present a host of issues for those facing the divorce process. Bruce Gordon’s business law career led him to handle high-asset divorces where issues like taxation, asset valuation, and asset distribution arise. His uniquely specialized skills are invaluable to his divorce clients who are faced with these difficult situations.

Bruce is experienced in crafting innovative settlements and arguing complex divorce issues. His skills can help protect you, your assets, your business, or your interest in your spouse’s business throughout the divorce process. Move forward to the next phase of your life without feeling like you lost, or your spouse took the assets you spent a lifetime building or supporting.

With over 135 years of combined experience, Gordon, Dana & Gilmore, LLC is the preferred law Firm for the handling and referral of sensitive business, personal and litigation matters that require “troubleshooting expertise” as well as a professional approach at a higher level.  

Q & A

What should you consider when contemplating divorce?

“There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when determining the best course of action for yourself and your spouse. If your divorce is one with significant assets or is high in profile, you need an attorney who understands business, taxes and who can set reasonable expectations for the course of the case. You should also consider an attorney who can protect what you have built as well as investigate exactly what your spouse has acquired.”

How is high asset divorce different?

“In the majority of divorces involving high net worth, the primary consideration tends to be who receives which assets. Because divorce cases often involve things like executive compensation packages, privately held businesses, and extensive personal assets, they can be particularly difficult to divide. That means proper representation by an attorney experienced in business, tax and asset division is a necessity.”

Bruce is experienced in crafting innovative settlements and arguing complex divorce issues. His business valuation, asset distribution and tax knowledge can help protect you, your assets, your business, or your interest in your spouse’s business.

The Firm places a major emphasis on providing personal service to its clients. The focus is on prompt and responsive individual attention. The Firm is committed to returning calls and messages quickly, usually within 24 hours. 

Gordon, Dana & Gilmore, LLC

600 University Park Place Suite 100, Birmingham, AL 35209


No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.

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