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Seen in Birmingham

Artist Véro Vanblaere shows off the town.

A career in creative advertising originally brought Véronique (Véro) Vanblaere from Belgium to the United States in 1996. She soon founded and ran Naked Art, a gallery that allowed her to focus on her own non-traditional and functional art. Naked Art was a successful space that also served as a home for many local and regional independent artists over the years. Véro’s love for art once again took her from the gallery to the world as she closed the doors on the brick and mortar business after two decades to focus full time on her art. 

A real pharmacy in Crestwood.

Véro the Traveling Artist is a new journey that explores fibers and fabrics, revamped clothing, original drawings, paintings, murals and even puppetry. She constructs soft sculpture in the form of extravagant hats and luminaries which often become part of larger public and private art installations.

She also writes and directs animation films featuring the characters from her drawings or puppets that she conceives and builds. She and other locals started “Pardon My Puppet”, the Birmingham puppet guild, and creates shows for a variety of puppet mediums. The shows have been on hold since the pandemic.

She has also begun a new series (presented in these pages) of illustrations inspired by Birmingham.

You can’t talk about local gastronomy and impeccable service without mentioning Highlands Bar & Grill first. The pandemic unfortunately forced them to temporarily close their doors. The waiting list line will probably go around the planet by the time they reopen.


Sandwich at the Garage .
Taking an imaginary ride back in time at the Leer Tower downtown.


According to the legend, you can only find entrance of the Red Lion lounge in Homewood on a full moon. When you succeed, be ready for a time warp.
The food truck that should exist.
Coffee and old school selfies.
The mail man’s favorite food at Post Office Pies in Avondale.

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