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B-Metro Experts: Superior Automotive

Danny Bedgood gets up from his desk and greets a customer as they bring their Toyota into Superior Automotive on Birmingham’s Southside. It’s a greeting he makes many times a day, creating a comfortable and welcoming place for men and women, whose Toyota and Lexus vehicles are in need of maintenance or repair.

The bond between an auto service shop and the customers they serve can be among the strongest loyalty experiences in any kind of retail business. The car is a critical part of the family and work dynamic. We need them, and we need them badly. We also need them to work, smoothly and safely. Underpinning this need is the one person who stands between us and broke car hades, a great auto mechanic.

Bedgood has put his heart and soul into being just that sort of mechanic since he opened up his own shop in 1999. Superior was the first in town to specialize in Toyota and Lexus models, and that commitment to those brands keeps the shop in the forefront of ever-changing technology and up to date service. 

Superior Automotive is able to offer top-flight service because of the skill of their mechanics and the personal commitment of owner Bedgood.

He has built his decades-long career on the twin standards of reliability and expertise.  Bedgood believes that providing great service to customers extends from offering accurate and clear estimates to shuttling them to home or work while repairs or maintenance are being worked. 

There’s no kindness too small to share with a customer, no conversation that is not meaningful in building a relationship of trust and caring. It is more than just an auto repair shop, Bedgood has built, this is a community of people and their vehicles coming together in an experience that goes way beyond mere commerce. 

“People start out as customers and end up being friends,” Bedgood says. 

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