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B-Metro Experts: T3 Hair Restoration, Michael Beckenstein MD

Dr. Michael Beckenstein’s T3 Hair Restoration practice has over a decade of experience providing excellent care for hair loss in both men and women of all ages.

Innovative and cutting edge, Dr Beckenstein was the first to bring Neograft to Alabama as well as other innovative treatments including laser therapy, PRP, scalp micropigmentation and stem cell therapy.

The next breakthrough innovation from Dr. Beckenstein in the treatment for hair loss is genetic testing. “With genetic testing we are now able to develop a comprehensive care plan based on a patient’s individual genetics. With a simple swab of the mouth we are able to determine which therapies are effective and which ones are not effective. There are over nine categories of therapies that we can offer to patients. This includes compounding of lotions and foams to apply to the scalp and also prescription medicine in pill form.”

 T3 hair restoration is committed to bringing the most innovative, effective and safe therapies that will yield the best results for you. Though robotic services are in use in the industry, they are not used in the T3 practice, since the robot does not provide the artistic and human touch required to design and execute a natural normal looking head of hair.

 If you’re looking for an experienced, comprehensive medical practice for hair loss that provides the latest innovative therapies that uses the human touch T3 hair restoration is for you.


T3 Hair Restoration • Michael Beckenstein, M.D.

800 St. Vincent’s Drive, North Tower Suite 610

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 933-9308 •

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