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TrailblazHers: Eboni Major

Eboni Major,  Food Scientist, First African American Whiskey Blender

Eboni Major, the first African-American Whiskey Blender, began her career in 2015 with a degree in Food Science and Chemistry from Alabama A&M University. Eboni discovered her passion for creating quality products which led her to continue her education and pursue a Masters in Food Science. Midway through her graduate studies, an internship led to a full-time blending role and the rest was history.

Renowned in the bourbon community, Eboni created Bulleit’s Single Barrel Program, leaving her personal touch on a brand that has become a collector’s item for bourbon connoisseurs. Her most proud creation, Bulleit Blenders Select won #4 in the Whiskey Advocate’s Top 20 list of 2020.

As an American Whiskey expert, Eboni has invaluable experience in distillation, production, and warehouse management. Eboni has played a key role in leadership teams for multiple startup and large-scale distilleries across Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee.

In 2019, Eboni Major was responsible for the blending of the 2019 #1 Whiskey of the Year, George Dickel Bottled in Bond. Her blending portfolio and experience include brand homes of George Dickel, IW Harper, Blade & Bow, and several other US whiskies. She has earned over a dozen San Francisco Spirits Awards including several gold medals and won Diageo’s 2020 GLOBAL Craftsperson of the Year.

After leaving Kentucky, Eboni Major returned to her hometown of Birmingham. In December 2022, she released her first blend since Bulleit Blenders’ Select: Dread River Master Series—a fast selling limited batch. 

Best Advice: The lazy man works twice as hard… has always been the best advice I received because of how it stuck with me. And it isn’t a race against time. Committing to your goals, and giving them 100 percent the first time, prevents time wasted from laziness and mistakes.

Greatest Influence My mom has been a major influence on my life. She has always been so determined, intelligent, and selfless. As the first to graduate college from her family, she set the standard for me to achieve anything I wanted, understanding the tools are all within me. A very hard worker committed to the Birmingham Public Library system and Negro League growing up, she raised me to love and appreciate my roots. She continues to encourage me to stand up for what I believe in.

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