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The Growth of Aesthetics

With a new physician on board and new products, techniques and technology, Dr. Daniel Rousso looks to the future.

New products and procedures, along with increasing acceptance among medical consumers and the general public, have led to substantial growth in aesthetic medicine.

That growth has led to similar expansion for Dr. Daniel Rousso and his practice, Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic and Medical Spa, which also houses the Alabama Hair Institute, Rousso’s hair restoration practice.

To coincide with the growth, Dr. Rousso—who has operated his own practice for 18 years and was in a group practice for 15 years prior to that—has brought on board Dr. Austin Adams, who completed a fellowship with Dr. Rousso.

“We have had a fellowship program for the last 18 years, working through The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. So every year we’ve had a new doctor who comes and trains with us. It’s been a big part of my medical career to help train and educate other doctors. We’ve just grown to a point now where I felt it was time to add on. Dr. Adams finished a fellowship in July and we just hit it off really well. He’s really an excellent surgeon,” Dr. Rousso says.

Dr. Adams is a native of Louisiana and grew up an hour outside of New Orleans. After schooling at LSU, Tulane and Vanderbilt, Dr. Adams focuses on cosmetic procedures. “I like the idea of treating more elective issues, within the scope of head and neck surgery. I enjoy taking care of relatively healthy people who are high functioning and you impact their lives for the better. I like that sort of challenge especially in facial cosmetic surgery, which is very technique driven and you really have to deliver a good product and at the same time take care of people.”

Dr. Rousso says, “To do what we do and do it well, you have to like people and have some sense of artistry, as well. Dr. Adams is very humble, but he’s really great with people. People are at ease with him very quickly and he’s a very talented surgeon and very artistic.”

Rousso feels well positioned in terms of space, equipment and personnel for the growth cycle the practice is in. With a good economy humming along, Dr. Rousso feels another boost to the industry is the heightening interest among millenials and organic growth within Birmingham’s population.

Along with growth in acceptance, there has been an exciting growth in products, techniques and technology, Rousso says.

“There are newer modalities coming out in our field, sometimes it feels like on a daily basis. Patients can feel more comfortable with what we do without necessarily having a big operation. There are more and more new things, what we call fillers like collagen type injections. And then what we call neuromodulators which are things like Botox.

“For example, we can lift the brows on patients that have a heavy eye look where a person looks tired. You can lift their brows relatively easily with some Botox or Botox-like medicines. There are things coming onto the market now that have virtually no downtime. Patients literally can have procedures one day and they’re at work or at a party the next day,” Rousso says.

The other aspect that is important to Dr. Rousso is that the products he uses are extremely safe. “That’s one thing we can be thankful for in our country that we’ve not allowed some of the more risky type products. And so we really have very few problems with these products that we use on patients as long as they’re used properly.

“I think that that’s so important for patients to understand. There are those unfortunately out there that are not necessarily trained well on how to use these products properly. They’re definitely a medical treatment and you can potentially have some issues with them if you are not trained to understand how to use them properly. I would definitely encourage patients to seek out somebody who’s got some medical training, either a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Dr. Rousso says with the continual evolution of products, techniques and procedures, combined with highly qualified doctors who are trained and skilled in using them, the possibilities for aesthetic medicine grow all the time. 

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