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A Seat at the Bar: Robbie Greenwood, Ocean

Some of the city’s best bartenders dish on favorite drinks, relationships, and why they love the bar.

Robbie Greenwood was just 19 when he started working in the restaurant business. “I started off as a server assistant at a restaurant known as Prairie Fire Grill down on Highway 280. I worked my way up into serving, bartending and then management as well,” Greenwood says.

He moved to Ocean in 2008. His first stint at Ocean lasted about eight years, after which he took the general manager position for a time over at Roots and Revelry. Then he came back behind the bar at Ocean. 

“This is home, you know. George (chef/owner George Reis) has always treated me really well. I love it here,” says Greenwood.

What he loves the most are the people who come up and sit at the marble bar in this celebrated seafood restaurant. “I feel really privileged and lucky to have so many regulars that come in here to dine with us. The food is obviously a big reason people come here, but what we do from a service standpoint is really important. That’s what makes us special. It’s always a nice experience when you go in there and you see a lot of familiar faces,” Greenwood says.



Mezcal 1.25 oz

Grapefruit juice .75 oz

Lime juice .25 oz

Honey  .25 oz

Laphroaig  spray

“This drink is a unique blend of smoky flavors from the mezcal and laphroaig, along with nice a nice balance of acidity and a sweet depth from the honey. It’s a drink that really works year round.”

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