The Hallmark of Christmas

(The 12 Months of Christmas) By Lee Ann “Sunny” Brown I just saw a reminder that there were only 48 days until Christmas. I don’t know about you but I feel like Christmas was just yesterday, and the day before that. In fact, I feel like it’s Christmas all year long. Beginning in January of… Read More

Nothing Leftover

Eat the good leftovers, the desserts, first.

Falling, Again.

Same time next year. By Lee Ann “Sunny” Brown It’s time for our annual check in with B.B. Every October for the past 32 years we have celebrated our wedding anniversary and we use that occasion to check in with each other and see if we need to renegotiate our contract (on my terms, of… Read More

Give Me Strength

Exercising my right to raise my glass.

My First Time

I remember my first time so clearly that it was almost like yesterday.

My First Time

I remember my first time so clearly that it was almost like yesterday.

An Invisible Woman

A Testimonial of a Woman Over 50.

Problem Solved

How do you solve a problem like your mother?

A Dis-Organized Crime

Time to tidy up?

My Winter Coat

What not to wear when your lover shows up unexpectedly.

Great Expectations

A picture tells a thousand lies. By Lee Ann “Sunny” Brown I walked into the coffee shop, glad to be out of the cold, damp weather and excited to get the new hot coffee drink special they advertised in the big photo on the menu. It was a cute glass mug of hot foaming java. Just… Read More