The Journey

Being There

Investing time as a parent makes the difference. By John Croyle For over four decades we have had the honor of giving children, who simply needed a chance, an opportunity to “make it.” So many of our children just need a loving family and folks who believe in them.  In this positive environment, they can… Read More

Between the Lines

Between the Lines Show them where the boundaries are. By John Croyle Recently, I was at a restaurant with one of our grandsons having an afternoon snack.  At the table next to us was a scene which happens way too often.  A mother was trying to tell her son, who was about six years old,… Read More

An Open Book

Help your children write their story. By John Croyle Over the past few years, I have written four books and have number five in the early stages. The content of every chapter in each book is the fruit of lessons learned from experience.  I’m honored to have had some great coaches, teachers and friends.  My wife, Tee,… Read More

Lead The Way

Great leaders know where they’re going. By John Croyle Everyone has an opinion on how to raise children. “Professionals” write countless books outlining plans, approaches and ways to help make our children successful. My take on this whole parenting thing: no two children are alike, so there will never be a rock-solid step by step… Read More

Emotional Prison

Free Yourself
By John Croyle
Throughout my adult life, I have visited many people who were in prison or jail. Every single time, I walk away taking a deep breath and saying, “Thank you, Lord, that I am free.”

The Gardener

Tending to your emotional crops.
By John Croyle

The Game Plan

Make the rules for your home team.

Learning to Fly

Lessons on leaving the nest.

Three Rules to Follow

Follow a simple, trusted plan

The Joneses

Are you just keeping up or are you keeping true?

Your Mission

What drives you through your day?