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Dive In: Yum Yai Thai Takeout

Getting it good on the go.

Written and photographed by Beau Gustafson

Golf Suchodayan and Kay Sathianphatthanakul met in Thailand when they were in high school and have been business partners in Birmingham since 2005 when they bought Chai’s Oriental Food store. About 10 months ago they sold the grocery store and opened up Yum Yai Thai Takeout. Suchodayan and Sathianphatthanakul have done an amazing job creating a menu that is fast and easy for the always-in-a-rush UAB lunch crowd and lives up to the Yum in the restaurant’s name. As Birmingham’s palate has matured over the years Thai food has become mainstream, and whether you order the massamun curry or garlic pepper beef, you won’t be disappointed—and the owners will go out of their way to make you feel at home! So drop in at 7th Ave. S. and 21st St., and for either take-out or dine in, the food is worth repeat visits!


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